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Home Matters is a movement that unites America around Home as the place where lives and families thrive, and as the bedrock for a stronger nation. As Home Matters grows, so too will public awareness of the proven connections between stable housing and jobs, education, health, the economy, public safety, and other important facets of American life. 


NeighborWorks America "Home Matters" 


"Affordable housing is the platform in which all other things are possible in terms of people leading fulfilling lives". Watch this inspirational video that explains why "Home Matters" - in our health, in community growth, as people, as families, and as a nation. 


NeighborWorks America - What We Stand For 


"To me, there's nothing more fulfilling then when we help a family renovate their home. And I come to visit after the home is complete, and I see the children in that home now proud of the place that they live". Learn what motivates NeighborWorks America to strengthen communities, build partnerships, and invest in people. 


"Home Matters for Health" panelist Dr. Megan Sandel 

megan sandel video  

"There's new evidence that the quality of housing can affect a child's brain growth". Hear more of what "Home Matters for Health" panelist Dr. Megan Sandel has to say on how housing is a vital sign for health in the first Home Matters Talks video. 


Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Maurice Jones 

deputy of HUD video  

"If you're looking at home as just providing someone with a roof over their heads, then you are missing the broader impact". Listen to U.S. Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Maurice Jones, also the keynote speaker at "Home Matters for Health", describe his own experience with home in this Home Matters Talks video. 


West Coast Launch of Home Matters 


Home Matters is spearheaded by the National NeighborWorks Association and supported by the NNA Fund, along with a coast-to-coast coalition of leaders, community groups, nonprofits, and the public at large. We are allied by a critical mission: to show how Home is indispensable to each one of us, and to our country's progress. 


As neighbors, parents, professionals, and individuals of all different backgrounds and vocations, we strive to improve people's lives, our neighborhoods, and our communities. Join us if you believe in Home as the foundation for success! 


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Our News
Local veteran family receive mortgage free home!
NeighborWorks Home Solutions worked in conjunction with Bill Perdue of BP Quality Homes, the Council Bluffs Planning Department, Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs, and numerous businesses and community members in order to provide the Smith Family with a beautiful mortgage free home. The dedication ceremony took place on Friday, 11 November, Veterans Day.
Portrait of a Resident Leader: Apostle Vanessa Ward
Webinar presented to national audience.
The 19th Community Block Party
August 13th, 2016
10:00am to 5:00pm
4708 North Apostle Vanessa Ward (38th) St
Omaha, Ne 68111
The Beacon
NeighborWorks Home Solutions Summer 2016 Newsletter

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